Marc Wallice's Return To Directing

It’s been approximately five years since Marc Wallice directed his last video. In fact, he had just finished editing his last video, Tails of Perversity #4 and was just starting to shoot #5, when that he was HIV-positive broke and the resulting frenzy of accusations and hysteria surrounding the last major HIV outbreak in the adult industry drove him underground for quite a while. Now he’s back to directing, for an unknown company and with an unknown title.

“I never really left – except for the very beginning when I didn’t know what to do,” Wallice told “I disappeared into a hotel and went on a cocaine binge for a few months. After I came out of that, I went back to work.” 

Wallice, who had just made the transition to directing from performing in front of the camera when he was, rightly or wrongly, fingered as the “ground zero” of adult’s last epidemic, worked a variety of jobs within the adult industry for the past five years in various capacities including editing, working as part of a production crew, and taping behind-the-scenes footage for various adult companies including VCA, Vivid, and Simon Wolf.

Then in March he was offered the opportunity to direct again – under certain conditions. 

“The company didn’t even want me on the set – which was ridiculous. You can’t really make a video that way,” Wallice said. “We got that worked out, but then they decided that they’d put my name on the video as an editor, but not as director and producer – and I said ‘Fine, whatever.’ I don’t care – I just wanted to make a movie.” 

While Wallice still hopes to gain full credit for the project, it may end up being released without anyone ever knowing the true identity of the director. 

“No one will ever know what this movie is – unless it says Marc Wallice all over it,” he said. “I want to put my name on the video because I’m really proud of it.” 

Wallice isn’t willing to tell the company he shot the video for or even the possible titles of the video, but he describes the video as “a high-end gonzo” with five anal scenes and one d.p.

“All porno is porno – but I put people together the right way. Every single scene in that video, every person was completely into their scene. It was nice to see that I still had that ability,” Wallice said. 

Joel Lawrence, John Dough, Mark Anthony, Byron Long, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders and Steve Hatcher all took part in the video. 

“I used all my favorite guys – people I’d worked with before that I knew could do the job,” said Wallice.

Melanie, Wendy James, Renee Pornero, Taylor Rain, Lil Bit More, Nadia Nyce and Cameron Caine were the women in the video.

“I’m sure a lot of the girls were told in-between the time I met them and hired them. No one had a problem with it,” Wallice said.

A rumor started about Wallice soliciting sexual favors from an unnamed female performer- something Wallice denies and insists that everyone on the set during the two days of production will deny as well.

In fact, safety was tantamount on Wallice's set - Lee Stone was sent home after the woman he was supposed to perform with showed up with outdated tests. Another woman was sent home to retrieve her tests, which she did have, before Wallice would let her work.