Marc Wallice Closer to Vindication?

AVN's Mark Kernes has just interviewed a noted epidemiologist, Dr. Tom Horowitz. Horowitz told Kernes that it was not uncommon to have a negative ELISA test and three weeks later, a positive DNA test with a very high viral count. According to Horowitz, factors which could contribute to this seemingly unusual occurrence could include the prior state of the victim's health, alcohol or drug abuse, or the person's own physiology which Horowitz terms, "a non-converter." This means that the person's body was not of the type that would form anti-bodies to the HIV virus.

Because Marc Wallice exhibited a high viral count in his DNA test of April, 1998, it has been suspected by many that Wallice doctored results of his ELISA tests several weeks previous to that DNA test. March, 1998 ELISAs showed Wallice testing HIV negative. As a result of Dr. Mark Henrickson's visit to VCA last week to authenticate Wallice's March ELISAs, the arguments supporting Wallice having known about his condition and covering it up are ringing more hollow.