Marc Dorcel Appoints Bodilis Head of Production

PARIS—AVN Award-winning European studio Marc Dorcel has placed acclaimed director Hervé Bodilis in charge of overseeing the company's artistic and production endeavors.

As head of production, the company said Bodilis is entrusted with developing "even more high quality content as well as an ever more asserted and modern style, in the respect of [Dorcel's] fundamental values: lust and sophistication."

Dorcel also plans to ramp up its production efforts in the coming year, from 24 to 36 features per year, with a 30 percent investment increase to 5.5 million Euros in 2014.

"Marc Dorcel has always swum against the flow," CEO Gregory Dorcel said. "We bet on content and on quality when the market massively reduces its investments and when many producers give up in front of the methodical pillaging of their catalogues by tubes and other pirate websties. We believe that the future resides in the unique and ever more sophisticated experience we offer our audience, and that the keys of tomorrow's industry are brands and content."

Marc Dorcel is distributed in the United States by Wicked Pictures.