Manuel Ferrara Impostor on the Loose

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Director/performer Manuel Ferrara says an impersonator is using his name to book other porn stars for bogus shoots.

Ferrara told AVN he has received several calls from agents and performers who showed up at locations where they thought Ferrara had booked them for scenes...only to find nobody there.

The impostor is putting on a phony French accent to sound like him, Ferrara said. Friends immediately detected the ruse and alerted the real Manuel.

"That idiot called people who know me very well pretending to be me, and also people that don't know me," Ferrara said. "The people who know me very well called me right away to tell me that he was trying to book them."

Ferrara wants anyone who receives a call from the impostor to e-mail him at [email protected]