Mansion Productions Unveils Turnkey Shopping Cart Solution

Mansion Productions, creator of the MPA3 software, has unveiled VIST, a turnkey shopping cart solution.

A content management and back-end system, VIST is an acronym for VIdeo STore and provides a suite of integrated services, offering a unified, out-of-the-box approach for video-store owners that is completely customizable.

“Mansion succeeds because we stay attuned to our clients’ needs,” says Mansion Productions Chief Executive Officer Oystein Wright. “Online video stores represent a burgeoning market segment in adult Internet. It is only natural that we would desire to create a software product that champions this business model.”

VIST is a video library automation system consisting of three balanced modules that work in concert to create fluid workflow, a robust and nimble system of organization, and aid in the rapid development of sales and marketing opportunities.

Clients can assign descriptions, box-cover images, galleries, and more to each title. Movies can be book-ended with video teasers, trailers, and tie-ins that push new products. Site appearances can be customized and multiple sites can be syndicated.

“For the consumer, what results is an enjoyable, streamlined shopping experience. The search for a title or titles is fast, friendly, and targeted,” Wright says.

The VIST shopping cart module offers clients an electronic storefront tailored exclusively for the online video-store market. Everything is customizable, with media storage options for DVD, CD, VHS, and instant download formats.

Features of the shopping cart include customizable shipping calculations and tax rates, automated email responders, targeted mass-mail options, instant checkout—with or without user registration—and more.

Rounding out VIST’s three-pronged attack is a module that provides seamless integration with MPA3 and adds new webmaster tools to complement site management and promotion. Working in tandem, the pair of software products can display links for promotion of VIST sites and site categories. Affiliates also have the ability to direct-link to specific titles. Sales can be tracked and commissions can be paid at customizable rates, and users can view customizable stats drawn from real-time reporting.

“As you can see, we tried to be as thorough as possible. For the video-store operator and entrepreneur, VIST will increase productivity and revenue on the one hand, while removing the pitfalls from online video-store management on the other,” Wright says.