First Herbal Site Aimed at Gay Market

Webmasters with gay traffic now can write their own prescriptions for sales, with the Web’s first herbal site aimed at gay consumers:

The site launched over the weekend with a complete line of sexual enhancement and health products, along with an affiliate program at

Herbal sites – a generic term covering sites that sell a range of natural, over-the-counter health products – have changed the straight adult marketplace, generating affiliate profits with alternative solutions for a healthy lifestyle and increased prowess. was built to bring the herbal craze to the gay market, delivering herbal health products with the straightforward design and man-centered messaging to which gay men respond.

“It was amazing, really,” says ManSexRx marketing manager Eddie. “We took a look around and realized no one had made a credible attempt to target herbals – great conversions and big margins – to gay consumers, who are known for their disposable income and willingness to spend on sexual products. We knew right away that we were the right men for the job, as gay men and e-commerce veterans with extensive experience in the gay market.”

Besides a full range of natural sexual enhancements – penis enlargement, erection enhancement, and potency increasers – also features health products that are especially popular with the body-conscious gay market: hair growth solutions, weight-loss pills, and gym aids like MSM, creatine, and glucosamine. ManSexRx provides 24-hour support and wellness tips to help customers use the products effectively.

The affiliate program features a 40-percent base revshare with tiers up to 50 percent, a 5-percent referral bonus, and a $26-per-item commission on the most popular products.