Maleflixxx Launches VOD Channels

Maleflixxx took another step forward in the world of gay hardcore Video-on-Demand (VoD) programming with the launch of Maleflixxx VOD Channels at Internext Las Vegas.

Maleflixxx VOD Channels is a premium, controlled content delivery system for membership websites. Webmasters with membership sites will now be able to offer the Maleflixxx experience to their consumers. Maleflixxx VOD Channels will provide premium, exclusive content for every niche previously not available to membership sites.

With premium, exclusive content, the new VOD Channels will offer an abundant collection of handpicked scenes from the world’s best gay studio brands. The content is not available on any other membership site.

“As the marketplace gets more crowded and the barriers to entry are lowered, membership websites are increasingly fighting for a smaller portion of the market with the same set of tools,” says Eric Johnson, president of Sureflix Digital Distribution, owners and operators of the Maleflixxx global network. “Maleflixxx has a powerful library of content that will convert gay traffic and keep them coming back to your site for more. The Maleflixxx VOD Channels program is the first to offer content that has only been available on Pay-Per-View to membership sites. We can do this because of our commitment to quality, our relationships with our studios and partners and our refusal to make compromises that will undermine the credibility and value of those partners.”

Subscribing webmasters will get access to Maleflixxx VOD Channels featuring the best scenes from the best exclusive studios on the Maleflixxx network. New content is added weekly.

There is a long list of VOD Channels to choose from and membership webmasters may subscribe to as many as they like.

“The Maleflixxx brand communicates excitement, quality, and reliability,” says Johnson. “It is a powerful tool to attract new members and retain existing ones. When a webmaster partners with Maleflixxx they get access to the industry’s best marketing and programming expertise and they get to take advantage of our ongoing innovations in hardcore VOD. Maleflixxx has a demonstrated commitment of ongoing support for all of our webmasters.

“Maleflixxx VOD Channels will be offered on a limited availability basis. This preserves the exclusive nature of the content and increases its value to both webmasters and members. Unlike other content providers, Maleflixxx selects its partners carefully and then works closely with them to maximize their growth.”