Pat Stacxxxs: Fit for the (XXX) Job

ATLANTA—Male content producer and performer Pat Stacxxxs has developed a small but growing niche based in the Atlanta area that is a "double-dip" for him.

A competitive caliber, national-level bodybuilder, certified physical trainer and fitness influencer, Stacxxxs has carried his considerable expertise (not to mention physique) from that arena into his budding career as an adult creator.

“Yes, I feel proud of my work, combining my love of adult content and fitness,” Stacxxxs told AVN.

A look at his branding reveals a hard-working, eager producer-performer looking for his big break. His content features scenes with other up-and-coming performers that run the genre, format and style gamut.

For example, in one clip, Stacxxxs appears with the trans performer Lexi Bunni in Western wear, pushing a cheesy but super kitsch cowboy theme—he plays “cowboy” Stacxxs, hooking up with a curvy trans cowgirl. He can also be found portraying the character Freddy Krueger from iconic horror director Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street in a pair of parody clips playfully titled “Nightmare on Trans Street” and “Nightmare on PAWG Street.”

But Stacxxxs proven that his bread and butter is cashing in on his NSFW fitness clips—in fact, he reveals that several of the performers he regularly collaborates with are also his personal training clients.

This mutual collaboration and fitness model has worked for Stacxxxs because it allows for a more profound experience for fans and strong on-camera chemistry between him and his scene partner.

He explained, “Performers and influencers—it doesn't matter what they do content-wise—are some of the healthiest people. My goal moving forward is to spread awareness of how sexual health and fitness health coincide together. And [to] share that intimate experience of seeing your favorite content creators work out or hear about their health and fitness tips.”

He integrates this in his social media posts. Featuring the usual promotional posts for his videos and platforms, he also shows his thousands of followers a peak into his world—a personal world built on sex and his very own workout culture.

Fitness fetish content is still a relatively untapped market compared to higher-performing tags and keywords relating to aesthetics and porn genres such as cosplay, e-girls and step-relations. However, Stacxxxs is busily striving to establish a name for himself as a bodybuilder and porn professional and have a lasting impact on his corner of the industry.

“To be good, you can work from 9 to 5. But if you want to be great, it’s a 24-hour grind,” he asserted, adding: “Stay focused and remember that this industry is just like toilet paper. Either you can be on a roll, or you’re getting shit on—literally, you decide.

“Stay consistent, look for what’s missing, and fill that void.” 

Pat Stacxxxs can be found on X (formerly Twitter) and across various adult content sites and mainstream social media networks. Visit his LinkTree page for all his links.