M Squared Launches PSP Site

M Squared Productions has launched its latest site, an adult movie site for Sony’s Playstation Portable, Xxxpspmovies.com.

The site will be integrated into M Squared’s affiliate program, BankingBucks.com, once the program has been transferred over to NATS, which should be complete in a week or two, according to M Squared’s chief operations officer, Allen Ingram.

M Squared also is preparing a vVdeo-on-Demand solution for the PSP, which should be ready by January.

“This is such a stimulating time for content producers,” says Ingram. “With the current proliferation of media devices, we have the means to distribute our content into more hands and [get it] in front of more sets of eyes than ever before.

“We feel, as a company, that we have a means to disseminate our content to 21- to 35-year-olds who are tech-savvy and media-hungry,” he says. “These people will be our audience for years to come, and we have the means to deliver live streaming content and more very soon. Imagine virtual lap dances from the comfort of your hotel room or living room, or downloading the latest Mask TV fantasy on your way back to your residence. With the ever-increasing WiFi hotspots, the possibilities are seemingly endless.”

M Squared plans to launch another site, Xxxpsppics.com, in approximately one week. The site also will be part of Banking Bucks.