Lynn LeMay Wins Back Her Domain Name

According to Lynn LeMay, longtime adult industry performer, it’s been an eight-year battle to win back her domain name from “a Las Vegas company,” but she’s happy the struggle’s over.

Remaining mum about key elements of the story because it’s “a touchy situation” but quickly adding that “everything’s going well right now,” LeMay did offer that she owes her success to her attorney.

“I got a nice little lawyer, who voluntarily said, ‘I could do this’ and in three days got back something I worked eight years for,” she says.

Unfortunately, at the time of the interview, LeMay could not recall the name of this modern-day Clarence Darrow, although she adds, “He’s a wonderful lawyer with an entertainment firm down in Santa Monica. He’s a non-adult person and, in three days, they gave me everything. I got full ownership of my domain name, I re-released it back to the guy who had it, and he’s going to run it for me the same way he’s been doing, but I own it now.”

Asked if it wasn’t a little odd to hand her name back to the company with which she battled for so long, LeMay said, “There’s no hard feelings. It was a really nice deal. I got everything I wanted, he still got what he wanted—which is my full cooperation and participation on the site. I got everything I asked for. This is the best business transaction I ever had. I wish I would have had this lawyer before.”

LeMay apparently has big plans for her site. As she sees it, “The site is now my full-time job. I’m going to be at every event and every function representing I just scheduled with Nic Andrews to do all my new content, and I have a full-time photographer following me around. If people want to know what Lynn LeMay is all about, they’re going to find out.”