Lutheran Pastor Leading Lent Sermons on Sex

A Fox News report last week told of a Lutheran pastor who kicked off Lent at his Detroit-neighboring parish with a sermon entitled, "The Greatest Sex You'll Ever Have."

Tim Kade is the pastor's name, and his plan is to make sex the subject of every Sunday sermon through Apr. 1, with upcoming titles including "The Bedroom: Battleground or Playground?" and "Porn: What's the Big Deal?"

Kade has been promoting this series of sermons with a short video clip on the church's Website,, and as would be expected, other area churchgoers are none too pleased with the matter.

District president Bishop David Stechholz, however, defended Kade's tactic, saying, "He's trying to do an important thing. He wants to bring about a thorough discussion on sexual intimacy from God's point of view."

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