Lupe Fuentes Makes Teravision Debut

LOS ANGELES—Lupe Fuentes emerges from the dressing room wearing only a white bra, G-string and angel wings. The Colombian/Spanish beauty is tanned and toned. Her skin is flawless. It’s hot and muggy inside the cavernous warehouse a few miles west of downtown LA, but the mood is upbeat. Fuentes is only 20, but already showing that she’s a pro.

Director Axel Braun has created Heaven theme for this afternoon’s tease sequence on Day 2 of what Teravision has titled Lupe Fuentes’ Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience. It’s the first movie for Fuentes under hew new, exclusive contract with the company owned by Tera Patrick and her husband Evan Seinfeld. 

Braun has strategically placed several marble-like, white statues around the white floor and backdrop. The plan is for Fuentes to seduce viewers as she moves slowly between the statues.

On Braun’s cue, she steps toward the camera and says softly, “Do you want me to strip for you now?”

Just the sound of Fuentes’ voice is enough to quicken the pulse. Braun says her attitude has been nothing short of great.

“She did anal for three hours last night,” he says. “She was here until 12 midnight and didn’t complain once.”

Braun regularly directs movies for Teravision and is also adept at orchestrating interactive shoots. He says today’s set is “simple and clean.”

“It’s a good way to showcase her.”

Fuentes is working with a total of three male partners in the movie. She took on Chris Charming and Jay Lassiter on Day 1, and Charming is on his way to the set for another round today. The next guy up is John Espizedo who arrived over an hour ago and is patiently waiting his chance in the lobby.

Born in Colombia and raised in Madrid, Fuentes admired Tera Patrick from afar before they began to correspond via email. Seinfeld, who has also dropped in on today’s action, remembers Fuentes saying she had been following the couple’s story.

“She said ‘I love the way Tera has built her career to be a glamour girl, to be a model and also to be a porn star,’” Seinfeld recalls. “She told us ‘I don’t think anyone has ever done it like Tera and I know you are the man that is behind Tera so if there is an opportunity, I’d like to work with you guys.’”

She previously had performed in only one movie, Private Media’s Zuleidy: Top Anal Teen, when she came to the U.S. and changed her stage name from Zuleidy to Lupe.  

“It’s so nice to work with somebody that is excited to work and it’s not about the money,” Seinfeld continues. “We thought the best way to introduce her to the U.S. market is with an interactive. We were joking that she’d be the ultimate girlfriend experience. ... She’s so sweet but she’s nasty.”

He says that Fuentes takes good care of herself.

“She works out every day, goes to bed early, diets, she’s very wholesome,” Seinfeld explains. “She’s just a sex freak on top of that. Me and Tera dragged her out to all these events in Vegas and Miami and LA. She said she’s never seen anything like this except in Ibiza, Spain. She’s always going and always smiling.”

Fuentes, whose mother is Colombian and father is Spanish, says that performing in the U.S. is more “controlled” than it is in Europe.

“My whole life I wanted to come to America. Everybody is open over here,” she says, adding that she was attracted to the “glamour” of porn.

“I love going to set and the wardrobe,” says Fuentes, who became a crowd favorite at this year’s Erotica LA convention.

Two hours fly by and it’s almost time for Espizedo, a four-year porn veteran from Queens, N.Y., to get personal with Fuentes. Espizedo got word he might have a job today via a late-night text from his agent. This morning he found out it would be a Teravision shoot.

“I’m a big fan of her and her husband, so I was excited to come and do a good job,” says Espizedo, who tells me he had never seen Fuentes before today. “They had said her name was Lupe, and usually every contract girl is hot, which is good. Since I’m a young guy, 23, I get cast for a lot of MILF scenes, so it’s always good when I get to work with a girl my age or around my age.... She’s cute. She’s a little girl, but she does anal which is shocking to me, since not a lot of these girls do anal.”

After Fuentes completes her solo performance, she disappears into the dressing room to change into a naughtier outfit before the hardcore. Chris Charming arrives, limping slightly from a sprained ankle. The 14-year-veteran from Germany tells me that interactive shoots are among the most challenging for male talent.

“It’s not even a scene that we do. It’s very mechanical,” he says. “The girl has to be focused on the camera and the guy has to be focused on the girl.”

Charming admits Day 1 was “exhausting” but Fuentes was a trooper.

“Working with her is pretty nice...First of all she doesn’t have an attitude, she tries her best,” he says. “She was working the whole day yesterday and at the end she was still smiling. She’s really, really nice so it’s fun to work with her. She doesn’t have that star attitude.”

Teravision’s Lupe Fuentes’ Interactive Girlfriend Sexperience will be available this month.