Luke Ford Is Still Luke Ford

LOS ANGELES—In his role as a porn scribe, Luke Ford never took any prisoners. It turns out he was dealing with his "eroticized rage," an affliction revealed to him by his therapist as an "erotic form of hatred," or as he put it during an address on 12-Step programs before an audience at BINA LA, "anger that has been sexualized."

"I realized in a very short time that basically all my fantasies were just a form of anger, and that I was motivated in this vital intimate arena by really dark stuff," he told the audience.

Ford, of course, ran for many years, a gossip-oriented website on which he pretty much threw up anything anyone sent him and then waited to see what stuck. Since leaving porn to pursue his interest in Jewish orthodoxy and also, apparently, to continue his journey of self-discovery, Luke has not lost the essential qualities that made him for some a hero in the industry, for others a ruthless demon. Handsome, intelligent, well-spoken and utterly narcissistic, Luke remains obdurately Luke.

"I'm the son of a preacher man and a convert to Judaism," reads his bio on the BINA site. "I've never eaten meat in my life nor said an unkind word. My favorite band is Air Supply. My favorite comic is Sam Kinison. My favorite movie is Cinema Paradiso."

Those who knew Luke will find much to enjoy in that self-description.

The 12-and-a-half minute video is accessible here.

Photo: Luke Ford and a fan at a Bina LA reception