Lukas Ridgeston Returns In Front of Camera

Gay performer Lukas Ridgeston, who has been spending most of his time behind the camera, will be moving back in front of it in Lukas in Love Part 1 and 2, from BelAmi Entertainment.

Having performed in only seven BelAmi videos previously, Ridgeston’s return can be attributed both to fan demand and the extravagance of the production, which was shot over the course of two years in Cape Town, South Africa.

The story opens with Lukas preparing to go to South Africa as one of the behind the scenes members of the BelAmi crew. But before he goes, he walks in on his boyfriend screwing another boy in bed. Feeling down, Lukas departs for Cape Town accompanied by a big cast of horny young men ready to have a great time on the shoot.

“Lukas is such a wonderful person both in front of and behind the camera,” said BelAmi director George Duroy. “He came to BelAmi as an incredibly sexy and masculine young man who the camera loves in Tender Strangers. And he’s turned into a masculine young man who loves using the camera. But it happened too soon. It took a lot of persuasion to get him back in front of the cameras for the last time.”

On two discs, Lukas in Love Part 1 and 2 gives viewers a peek of what it’s like on the set of one of Duroy’s high-end features, with its story-within-a-story depiction of behind the scenes activities.

BelAmi will also be releasing a Lukas in Love Premium Collector’s Edition three-disc set, which will include a 32-page full color magazine. Both will be available August 23.