Lucas Entertainment Re-Releases Classics on DVD

Lucas Entertainment announced today that seven of its early titles have been re-edited and remastered and will be re-released with a full complement of DVD extras.

The newly remastered titles are Fire Island Cruising 1-2, Lifestyles, Director's Uncut, Top to Bottom, Getting Around, and Restless.

"These are the films that built the foundation for Lucas Entertainment," said President and CEO Michael Lucas in a press release. "I've been waiting so long to re-release them cleaned up and with all the fun extras we weren't able to include the first time around."

"I used to be so self-conscious about showing what our shoots were like behind-the-scenes," said Lucas. "But now I realize it's part of the fun. Now I tell my cameramen to keep rolling!" The now-available extras include "in-depth cast bios, watersports scenes, cast interviews, and behind-the-scenes montages and bloopers."

"It's like watching seven entirely new movies," said Lucas.