Lowbrow Producer Supports Highbrow Art

Four mainstream artists will showcase their non-erotic work amidst shelves filled with Mary Carey Rules 1-4 and Specs Appeal 1-19 this Friday when Kick Ass Pictures hosts a "Kick Ass Art" show in its downtown warehouse.

Attendees will experience high art in a low art setting. Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis believes Friday's show to be the first-ever art show to be held in a working porn warehouse, filled with tens of thousands of adult tapes and DVDs.

The group show, which is free of charge, includes the work of four up-and-coming young artists: Nathan Cartwright, Joy Hikade, Robert Reedy and Paige Wery.

"I love all kinds of art," Kulkis said, explaining the concept behind the show. "I'm a contributing member to both MOCA and LACMA, and I buy artwork on a regular basis.

"This show is a way for me to leverage my unique position as a producer of 'low art' to help worthy young artists get both recognition and, hopefully, make some sales."

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Untitled painting by Joy Hikade,

one of four artists being

showcased at the "Kick Ass

Art Show"

Kick Ass will not be taking any commissions from purchases – the artists keep 100 percent of every sale made during the show.

"My goal is to help put these four artists in a position where they can make a living from their art," Kulkis said. "In addition to buyers, I'm hoping that gallery owners will come to the show, because all these artists certainly deserve gallery representation."

While stressing that his intent in hosting the show was altruistic, Kulkis agreed that supporting the arts would probably improve his image if he were ever forced to defend himself in court. "It certainly wouldn't hurt."

The Kick Ass Art show will be Friday evening, Oct. 1, from 8p.m. to 2a.m.