Lori Lust Invests in High Def, Offers $500 Referral Fees

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - Newly fit and trim porn star/talent manager Lori Lust has announced that her company raised $60,000 over the summer, which it has invested in high definition video equipment for use on top-shelf movies to be released under the Lori Lust Productions banner.

"It was hard, but now that it's behind me, I can work on my agency, www.lorilustagency.com, and also start making large, full scale movies," said Lust. "I spent the whole summer working out, so I feel I'm in the best shape of my life, so I will start to attend red carpet events on a regular basis. I attended Adult Con last month, and everyone seemed very happy with my new leaned-out look. I even had paid offers just to host events."

On her entrepreneurial spirit, Lust said, "I think it's not enough anymore to just shoot movies for other companies. A girl needs to market herself and think like a corporation in order to succeed in today's industry. That is why I had to invest so much money. It was the only way I felt I could grow fast."

The 1080p cameras Lust purchased will be used not only for her productions, which she promised will be "close or equal to" those of the top studios, but also for coverage of red carpet industry events and other video footage to be posted on her website, www.lorilustxxx.com.

And in an effort to grow her agency, Lust and partner Craig Stevens are offering a $500 referral fee for any brand new model brought on board. More details about this offer can be found here. The pair also stated that they will entertain investment offers in the company, and may eventually hire a production crew.

To book Lori Lust or any of her girls, e-mail [email protected] or call (818) 926-9320.