Lori Lust Agency Offers New Location for Adult Shoots

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — The Lori Lust Agency has a new 2.5 acre location in Northridge available for adult production shoots.

“We searched for months for this perfect shooters house that embraced just about everything that all the companies said that they wanted in a location,” said Lust.

The Lori Lust Mansion has a spacious 4700 sq. foot interior, not including the house’s 500 sq. foot glassed atrium.

The house has been professionally decorated with high end furniture in both traditional and modern styles appropriate for different themes, including seven different love seat sets in three different living rooms.

The house also has a 30,000 sq. foot backyard that has no line of sight views, so companies can shoot content in privacy. The backyard also boasts a 45-foot rocked pool that includes a diving board and a Jacuzzi.  

The location also offers ample parking – up to 20 cars can fit in the driveways.

Companies can rent the location by the hour or by the day, with discounts for multiple days.

For more information and to see pictures of the location, click here.