Lockwood Has The E-Tools, Too

Up-and-coming porn performer Kurt Lockwood represents the new wave of male talent in the business for many reasons, one of them being his understanding of promoting on the Internet.

In addition to his youth, boy-next-door-made-model good looks, and rock star charm (he was in Dee Dee Ramone’s band in the late ‘90s), Kurt is a constant self-promoter and uses the Internet to spread the word. Unlike many studs in the jizz biz, Kurt runs his own Website, KurtLockwood.com, which he updates with content and exclusive pictures every week. 

“A lot of the guys in the business are older and have been doing this for a long time, so they figure, ‘Why do I have to promote myself, the work comes to me,” and they’re right,” said Lockwood. “But since I’m newer, I want to get my name out there. I’m younger and I grew up with computers, so it seemed very logical for me to start my own site and use it to promote myself. It acts as a tool for press and agents too. If they want to see my work, see a resume or look at some pictures of me, I just send them to the Website.” 

When a prospective employer or fan arrives at KurtLockwood.com, they will find everything on-the-set journals, behind-the-scenes photos, reviews and press, a detailed bio, and even footage of his play Ladies and Gentlemen, Live From Purgatory, which he wrote about the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

“I’ve invested a lot of time and money into this thing,” Lockwood said of the site. “I recently bought a digital camera so I can take quality pictures from the sets and post them up for fans to see. It gives you an inside look at what making a porno movie is all about. It’s not all roses, y’know.” 

Another site one can find Lockwood is TrailerTrash.com, where pictures of Kurt having sex with young-looking trailer park sex pots abound. 

“TrailerTrash.com is Internet line through Hustler where I plays a parody of Johnny Knoxville from Jackass named Johnny Cocksville and bang trailer-trash babes. I wear the aviator sunglasses and go for that Axl Rose/Jim Morrison look. It’s a very rock ‘n’ roll but features hardcore sex. Hustler may compile the footage into a video or DVD down the line for retail, but for now the footage is only available on the Website.” 

Using the Net to promote himself, providing fresh digital content of his life in porn and banging trailer trash whores, all while flashing a sly, Cheshire cat grin and giving the devil horns heavy metal sign? It sounds like Kurt Lockwood is putting in the hard work it takes to rise to the top in this business, yet is having a good time while doing it.

“I have a punk rock attitude but I’m very easy to get along with. I’m from the rock world, where if you get fucked with, you fuck back. But in this business I really haven’t had any problems or had to get heavy with anyone. The rock ‘n’ roll game is, amazingly, a lot more shady.”