LiveCamNetwork Finds Success with Live High Definition Video

Live adult video chat site has achieved unexpected success, as its new widescreen, high-definition chat rooms have become the bestselling destinations on the site.

“This came as something of a surprise,” says site founder Mark Prince. “We introduced the format slowly, wanting people who had the equipment to migrate to it first. But it turns out most people who could view our regular, 20-frames-per-second video are able to see the high-definition.”

Created by 2Much Internet Services Inc., the high-definition format is not the same as pre-recorded HD.

“This is high definition for live, online interactive video. It’s still the most advanced live video on the Web,” says Prince.

Less than two months ago, LiveCamNetwork served as the testing ground for’s new format, with special events such as The Luna Show and the Nude Light Saber Duel popping up as beta tests.

“It’s not quite revolutionary,” says Prince. “Essentially, we combined the Windows Media Player with the right codec, beefed up our servers and delivery back-end, and there you go. We’re just the first who combined the elements.”

The rest of the software is original and currently undergoing a radical upgrade to ease site management and niche the marketing potential of clients who have models that vary from male to female, thin to BBW, and so on.

Performers who have since taken up regular spots in the live hi-def chat rooms have seen revenues increase significantly, the company reported.

After having been the first DSL/broadband live adult chat site on the Web, Prince insists they will be the first high-definition video chat site.

“We’re running 30 frames per second,” he says. “And the aspect ratio is 16:9, not the squarer 4:3.”

The stream also is carrying audio quality in the form of 48Khz Dolby Surround 5.1 stereo, which permits models and studio managers to plug in their music and higher-end microphones to bring out the warmth and closeness of the chat hostess.