Open to Firefox Users and its brethren of live video chat sites are now available to users of Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

"The fix for Firefox to support Windows Media 9 has been available for quite some time," says 2much head Mark Prince, "but it was very hard to do for a lot of people, and we weren't able to take on the extra support."

While not a one-click install, enabling the ActiveX control for Media Player 9 on Firefox is a fairly painless procedure. Users can read the tutorial at the MozillaZine forums or find more detailed specifications in the MozillaZine knowledge base.

Firefox sometimes is called the safest of browsers because of its staunch resistance to any browser- or Windows-controlling program surfers might encounter, especially via ActiveX, which is a part of Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

LiveCamNetwork was blocking Firefox since many users who might purchase time didn't understand why they weren't getting video. Complaints built up along with the chance for chargebacks.

"Chargebacks are bad for the customer, since the billing company might decide to block your card because of it," says Prince.

Firefox users can visit this page to get help installing ActiveX so Windows Media will work with their Mozilla browsers.