LiveCamNetwork’s Girl-A-Thong III Moved Up

LiveCamNetwork’s live chat hostess drinking party, Girl-A-Thong III, has been bumped up a week to Friday, March 31.

The reasons for the change were as simple as chat hostess availability, said site founder Mark Prince.

“Our site, and much of our network, is made of real, girl-next-door college students and amateurs, and April 7 was too close to finals for them,” he says.

The site launched its first Girl-A-Thong party last year in May as a thank-you gesture to regulars who had stuck with the site through significantly hard times. Although basically a free, four-hour drinking-game party featuring a couple dozen cam girls on a double-stream video display, the site made record sales by allowing the free users to click a link to buy the girls rounds.

“We had over 500 people at once in the first Girl-A-Thong room and over 650 at the second,” says Prince. “We’re expecting to double that with more girls and more coverage and games this time.”

Girl-A-Thong III begins between 8 and 9 p.m. EST.