Live and Raw Goes Exclusive

After nearly six years of broadcasting live to webmasters, award-winning Chi Chi LaRue's Live and Raw will become an exclusive product to Channel 1 Releasing company sites, Tony Rios, president of Channel 1 Online, told GAYVN today.

Live and Raw will broadcast to its affiliates through October 31. On November 1, streaming full screen with full sound, plus wirelessly via Smartphones, will be available only to and members' areas.

In addition to two Cybersocket Awards for Best Live XXX Show, Live and Raw has consistently earned accolades for its quality and premium talent and for its technological reliability.

"Live and Raw has always been the most premium and, subsequently, the most expensive live gay product to produce on the Web," Rios explained. "Unfortunately, in today's Web content market, most webmasters are cutting back on expenses so it really makes this the best time to go exclusive."

"We will continue to offer our free upsell products Live and Raw 1-On-1 (PPV Live) and Channel 1 On Demand (PPV VOD) to webmasters through We are currently planning an upsell version of the Live and Raw feed available January 2006 for Internext," he said.

Chi Chi LaRue added, "I want to thank all the webmasters that have supported this product — you guys are the best and have helped me create a gay live product which has set a new standard for online content!"