Liv Revamped Talks About Her Second Time Around

LOS ANGELES—The actress now known as Liv Revamped would just as soon be called simply "Liv." But she added the "Revamped" when she returned to the industry to signal a fresh start.

Formerly known as Liv Aguilera, she began her adult career in 2011 and then left in late 2014. Now she has returned sporting a “more natural look”—and a renewed enthusiasm for getting it on in front of the cameras.

"These days I've been rocking my natural curls and everything, so I kind of just wanted to re-enter the industry more as myself and less as some porn façade," she explained, adding, "And my new last name is more of a title, a description, than an actual name, so just call me 'Liv.'"

In her first stint in adult, Revamped performed with many studios, including Adam & Eve, New Sensations, Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel, Combat Zone, ATKingdom, Reality Kings, Devil’s Film, Hustler and Girlfriend Films. Most recently she shot a new scene for Team Skeet’s site, and she’s also co-hosted the Inside the Industry radio program with James Bartholet on

Although Liv has signed with the Society 15 talent agency, she's spent the last three years about as far away from the adult entertainment scene as possible: She's been working as a barista.

"That's my day job; I serve coffee at Starbucks," she told us. She withheld just which Starbucks location, but she's got her share of stories to tell. Every once in a while, a customer will get up in her grille, like the guy who walked in early one morning and for no apparent reason shouted, "Is Trump our president?"

"It was so early in the morning; I'm so tired; I'm not trying to hear it, but I just yelled back, 'No.' So he got angry. He said, 'You shouldn't say that,' but then everyone started laughing because everyone was on my side because this guy just came in like a crazy person, so he ended up storming out."

Though born in Redondo Beach, Liv considers herself an Oregon native, having spent her youth moving between such cities and towns as Springfield, Salem, Portland, Eugene, until finally settling in a little mountain town called Oakridge.

"Oregon's liberal now," she noted, "but I grew up in the ’90s, so it was just hippies and Mormons; it just depended on what neighborhood you lived in."

So perhaps it's not too surprising that she saw her first porn at an early age. "Oh, God; too young," she laughed. "I was like a little, little girl. I was finding magazines, and so by the time I was in junior high and high school, even though I was such a tomboy—I didn't look like a girl at all—secretly, I was like, 'I want to be that. I want to.' I just didn't know how to embrace my femininity because I was raised by my grandfather, so I just grew up with this little Filipino man and me, plus I'm multi-racial, he's Filipino, and he's also prejudiced, and my mother was just butt-nutty."

So how did she get into porn?

"Well, a couple of friends took me to a 'photo shoot' out past Lake Elsinore, and then, halfway there, they admitted it was a porn shoot for a small site called Jesse Loads Monster Facials," Liv explained. "They let me sit in and watch, and then, after the shoot, they asked me if I wanted to give it a shot—so I did my first b.j. scene right then and there, and I loved it!

"Growing up, I've always revered porn stars," she added. "I was always intrigued by porn—'Oh, porn girls are so beautiful; they get to do whatever they want and men love them, and they're so glamorous—I want to be that!' But the truth is, I didn't even lose my virginity until I was just a couple of months shy of 18, but after doing that b.j.—and getting paid for it—I said, 'I'm now officially in porn!'

"I've always appreciated how accepting and non-judgmental people in porn generally have been," she continued. "I've always felt warm, welcome and even sexier in the industry. I'm allowed to be unapologetically me and it's perfectly acceptable—'Be yourself': That's always been my life philosophy."

Now that she's back, Liv has already had a couple of fun scenes, including one for Team Skeet.

"It was my first sex scene back in the industry," she noted, "and I was paired with Karlo Karrera and Lily Jordan. She's so cute, and they're kind of my ideal types because I'm bisexual. When I go for girls, I like cute girls, really feminine, just like adorable, so when I got paired with her, I'm like, 'Oh, she's super-cute,' and then when it comes to guys, I like them masculine and tough-looking, so I get paired with Karlo who's also like 6'5", 6'6", I don't know; tall enough. So I'm like, 'I get the best of both worlds today, and for my first sex scene back in the industry—what did I do right?'"

But Liv's secret wish (well, not so secret anymore) is to work for Brazzers. "They're a prominent company, I appreciate the people they do book for that site, and the people I've met in person who have worked for that site have always been enjoyable people, good people, so I'm just, 'I want to be a part of that!'"

As for her off-screen time, Liv's a writer. She's not quite daring enough to have her own blog yet, though she does have a journal or two or ten, all on paper in ink.

"I try to write when I feel the inspiration," she said. "I'm an aspiring novelist—mainly fiction, but the genre always changes—and hopefully one day I'll have my work published. The most recent book I'm working on is more of a science-fiction mystery novel."

So with all of that, we were a bit surprised to find that the words she lives by: "Never trust a scorpion not to sting you."

"Truth is, I've come across a couple of scorpions in my life, especially because I'm such a warm, welcoming person; I try to give everyone a chance," she explained. "I believe everyone deserves a clean slate. Like, if I want people to treat me with that much trust and respect, I need to do the same, but at the same time, I have to trust my instincts as well. I have to remind myself that if someone I love takes me for granted, I need to let them go."

Okay, porn fans: you've been warned!

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Photo by Jeff Koga/@KogaFoto