Little Red Rides the Hood for Black Market

The hardcore masterminds at Black Market know a good high-concept title when they see one. On Jan. 24, the company will release the first volume in a new interracial series called Little Red Rides the Hood.

Originally conceived by photographer Todd Todd (who was unavailable to direct due to a scheduling conflict), the series' first installment was directed by Rick Davis and stars Kissy Kapri as Little Red. Representing the titular 'hood are Lee Bang, Lefty, Guy DiSilva, Tony Eveready, Justin Long, C. Banks, Byron Long, Rock, Jon Jon and the notorious Shorty Mac.

"In the movie, Kissy's going door-to-door selling muffins," Black Market spokesperson Jodi explained. "She knocks on the door of one house, and she finds ten guys inside. In each scene, various guys grab her and take her into one of the rooms. First, she takes on three of the male performers; then, two more guys D.P. her – and in the last scene, she takes on all ten of them."

Kapri ended up having sex for about ten hours straight while making the movie. "We added special effects, as well," Jodi said. "In the movie, there's music playing in the house, and when [Little Red] enters the room, the music skips, the camera pans back to the guys, and they've turned into wolves."

Brothers Grimm, indeed.

Anticipation for the new series is already running high among porn fans. "If Shorty Mac is in the house, then I'm all about it," said The Ultimate Degenerate, a critic for cult-movie website "This one is going to be off the heezy, fo' sheezy."

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