Little Caprice Talks New Scenes, Erofest, 2024 AVN Award Wins

LOS ANGELES—Little Caprice this week will appear at the Erofest International Erotic Fair in Prague, Czech Republic, where she is the face of the expo.

The three-time AVN International Female Performer of the Year from Brno welcomes another chance to meet her fans in person while also representing one of the most prominent adult entertainment events in her home country.

“For me it means a lot because it’s always fun to meet fans from Czech Republic in Czech and give some interviews in Czech language—what I do also not so often—and it is a lot of fun,” Little Caprice tells AVN. “In the past I was never on erotica festivals in Czech because I travel always around the world and honestly I was more booked from USA productions than from Czech ones.”

She says the major difference between Erofest and other expos is there are live hardcore sex shows on the main stage.

“That’s the difference to USA, I guess,” she says. “And of course we have a small gala [awards] show as well.”

Little Caprice received a nomination for Best Czech Female Performer, while her husband, business partner and fellow top performer/director, Marcello Bravo, earned a nom for Best Foreign Director.

Meanwhile, Little Caprice and Marcello continue to add features to their official website,, which they launched in 2016 after concluding their contract with X-Art.

They recently unveiled a download option, increasing the opportunities for interactivity on the site.

“That’s a great feature for our fans, especially for collectors,” Caprice says. “Now they can download the scene they like via our Dream Coins/tokens. They can rent videos as well and they can win Dream Coins if they comment on scenes or share links from our website.”

Caprice adds that soon they will introduce a “fortune wheel” that will give fans another chance to win prizes such as memberships, Dream Coins, her worn panties, exclusive photos and more.

“We want to connect gambling a bit more in our website,” she explains. “People can consume great porn, plus interact.”


Speaking of porn, Caprice pointed to a few new encounters that fans have been waiting for—such as Part 2 of “Deepest Wishes” with rising Latvian starlet Matty Mila Perez.

The 22-year-old Perez impressed in her Xpervo debut for, when she tangled with Max Dior and Bravo and squirted more than 10 times.

Caprice assures that Matty Mila did not disappoint in Part 2, which also was co-produced, directed and edited by Bravo.

“We try always to find scripts where people can identify, but not just in the mind of the man, also in the mind of a woman,” Little Caprice tells AVN. “Mostly porn is always about the man but the woman have also a fantasy, right? 

“The story Marcello create was just amazing about married business women who travel around the world and a husband who love his wife, know about her dreams and fantasies and make it happen because he love her and wanna be open-minded!”

Caprice continues, “So we know there must be a Part 2 because we can’t let the story stay like that. We must finish it. Matty loved the actions she had so much that she can’t forget it. She thinks non-stop about it and she want more, but also she respects her husband and don’t wanna lie to him. That’s why she call him in the night and they found a very cool deal.”


Little Caprice squared off with Hungarian star Tiffany Tatum for the first time in their careers for their all-girl series Caprice Divas—and she says it could not have gone any better.

Bravo directed the two beginning with a steamy shower tease in which the girls shave each other. Then they finish on a bed in front of a roaring fireplace in the scene that goes live on March 16.

“Tiffany is a real pro,” Caprice says. “She have everything she needs. She is long in the business, looks like a hot teen, has a perfect body and knows how to fuck and pose in front of the camera. It was a real pleasure to work with her.”

Since it was their first time together, Caprice shot Tiffany in two scenes—the second was a threesome with Bravo for Xpervo that was released in January.

“Oh my god, our fans love that scene—a funny story with powerful sex,” Caprice says. “We fucked each other like crazy, first with a strap-on and after Marcello jumped in and it was more than real. And the story is so gorgeous. You need to see it, more I don’t wanna tell you guys.”



Caprice and Marcello won a 2024 AVN Award for Best International Group Sex Scene for their swingers scene with real-life couple Rika Fane and Stanley Johnson in WeCumtoYou 26.

They shot encounter at their home in the Czech Republic.

“It’s really an honor for me and Marcello to be nominated every year and when we won some awards we are more than happy,” Little Caprice says. “Because the last years we shoot to 98 percent just for our own little production and it’s very difficult to compete with the big productions. I mean mostly our scenes cost not more than 2500 Euros, let’s say, and big productions spend 25K per scene. That’s a big difference and they shoot 1000 to 2000 scenes a year. That’s crazy.

“In that way the chance to win or to be nominated is 1000% higher for big productions than for us. But me and Marcello say always the art is to make with less budget big movies! It’s actually a slogan from Quentin Tarantino we keep always in our mind!”

Caprice continues, “And a second problem is also when a talent does not shoot for everyone and especially the biggest production with insane budget mostly it’s impossible to win an award. But we make it happen. We stay for dreams and give us and new faces the chance to dream.

“That’s why we was so happy for Rika Fane to win the Best New International Starlet and group award… She worked for us a lot and Marcello filmed a great Xpervo scene with her and Max [Dior] and the group scene as well. So we guess we was a little part to helped her in that way and that makes us proud.”


Little Caprice also captured the award for Best International Girl/Girl Sex Scene—for the fourth consecutive year—winning this time for her performance with Eva Elfie for Slayed.

“Me and Eva in one scene is a perfect match and of course I was super happy to win with her this award,” Caprice says. “And it was the fourth time now. What can be better to win four times in row the best lesbian scene?

“My dream was always to win one time an AVN award… Before I met Marcello I had always the wrong people around me and after we went together we go the right direction and in the last four or five years we got around 70 nominations, won 25 awards around the world and 14 AVN Awards.

"What I can say… I’m touched and grateful for everything and to be a part in that business.”

Little Caprice also received her first Pornhub Awards nomination—for Top Blowjob Performer—for the sixth annual show on March 26.