Lisa Ann's Ultimate Extravaganza at Rhino LA

LOS ANGELES - Lisa Ann Talent Management is working with the Spearmint Rhino in downtown Los Angeles on a weekend of feature dancing starring five of the agency's girls and Lisa Ann herself.

Abby Rode, Anjanette Astoria, Austin Kincaid, Missy Stone and Victoria Valentina will join Lisa Ann on stage tonight and Saturday for a series of showcases billed as Lisa Ann's Ultimate Extravaganza.

"We're going to do one every three months and it will always be at the Rhino. We'll do them at different locations," Lisa Ann said Friday. "Victoria Valentina is already an incredible feature dancer who will be great for the other girls to watch and learn from. With Austin, Missy, Abby and Anjanette, I'm trying to show them another way to get out there and meet their fans and build their names.

"It was nice for them to see how big their name already was. It was a big surprise to them when guys were walking up to them and they knew who they were."

Lisa Ann said the feature experience would also help the girls learn everything from merchandising to how to pack for a dance booking.

"And it's another stream of income for my girls," she added. This initial weekend at the downtown Rhino started Thursday night. "Everyone did an incredible job last night. I was very proud. They were all early and excited to help each other."

The girls will begin featuring at 9 p.m., and a new LATM girl will take the stage every 40 minutes until the end of the night when all the starlets will dance together.

Lisa Ann also revealed that Julia Ann would be making a surprise appearance on stage either tonight or Saturday at an unannounced time.

The club is located at 2020 E. Olympic Blvd. in LA.