Lisa Ann Meets Prince Yahshua for <i>Legends of the Game</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif.-Prince Yahshua takes pride in running a fast-paced set. And for one of the busiest studs in porn, today's scene for Silverback Entertainment is special.   

AVN Hall of Fame star Lisa Ann is sitting in the makeup chair getting primped for her Silverback debut in his new series titled Legends of the Game. The sounds of JayZ are pumping through the luxurious, post-modern home in the Box Canyon area of Porn Valley owned by producer/director Bishop. Everyone is feeling good.

"You are a legend if you have been in this business five years or more," Yahshua tells me. "Dealing with all the b.s., ins and outs and ups and downs, you are definitely a legend."

The casting is key.

"The first scene was Vida Valentine, an urban legend. It was important for me to have her in this. I was jerking off to her before I got into porn," admits Prince, who is also producing and directing the movie in addition to being the primary talent. "The second scene is Lisa Ann and right after Lisa Ann will be Julia Ann, and then Marie Luv, and I’m working on Kitten."

Yahshua says the occasion was overdue.

"My series is going to hit everybody in the jugular," he continues. "Legends was needed to give some respect to all the women who made the forefront for this. I’m paying homage to them. I really hold this one dear.

“People focus so much on new girls without remembering the girls who’ve been here for years. The fact is it was time to show people."

Yahshua, a five-year industry veteran from Chicago, tells me that his crew is like a family. Ethan Hunt is his "right-hand man" who does all his still photography as well as shoots his signature Black Assassin line. Jax is his videographer for the Legends series.

Yahshua says that Hunt is like "an angel on my shoulder."

"We're like peanut butter and jelly, they go together," he says. "Now Jax, he’s like the milk."

Even fellow producer/director Tony Flush has dropped in on the action today.

"All the people that inspire me on my sets are here," Yahshua says. 

"Silverback’s motto is, 'We may not be the best in the world, but right now we’re the best the world has ever seen.'”

In honor of her place in the series, Lisa Ann went shopping for the scene in Las Vegas. Her brand new, black heels are still in the Nordstrom's box. She also bought a black hat to wear.

"When Prince calls, you don't just roll out with normal stuff," she says.

She asks Prince how he wants her hair, "straight or curly?" He answers without hesitation, "Definitely straight." She slips into a tight, black cocktail dress, puts on her new jewelry, dons the hat and looks at her reflection in the mirror.

"I feel like a legend of the game," she says with a smile.

As the start of the scene draws closer, Prince heads to the shower. So I step out on the balcony to talk to Hunt.

"The chemistry with Silverback just makes sense," Hunt says. "I do everything as if [Prince] were to do it. It's exciting right now."

Hunt owns his company, Filthy Rich Entertainment, and also has been performing for the past year-and-a-half in addition to his integral production role with Silverback.

"We believe in our team so much," he adds.

Jax is an industry veteran with a rich background in the music business who also directs the enduring My Baby Got Back line for Metro. He tells me he admires Prince's performing prowess and has developed a comfort level shooting for him.

"Sometimes I'll just look at him and be like, 'I'm going there,' and he gives me a nod," Jax says. "We've gotten to a point when we shoot together that our chemistry together is something I haven't experienced. I'm so comfortable shooting with him. He's just a classic performer, and I've been watching porn for 20-something years."

Jax says "it's an honor and a pleasure" to work with the Silverback camp.

"We're lucky. I know how fortunate I am. Not everybody can do this. I'm really happy," he continues. "Prince helped my confidence. He understood my passion. When I have a camera in my hand, I'm happiest."

Prince emerges from the shower in a pink towel with his work boots still on. One of his trademarks is that he always wears his boots during scenes. Hunt finishes the pretty-girl stills with Lisa Ann and then begins a wild, off-the-cuff interview with her that will be used on the DVD.

Lisa Ann responds well to Hunt's silly questions. We find out she watches a lot of ESPN's "Sportscenter" and "I can masturbate to LeBron James."

"I'm a mattress actress," she jokes.

When the interview is over, Lisa Ann quickly disrobes for the hardcore stills before they start the scene.

Prince says there is "no love-making" on his sets, and that he has three "patented moves" that he rolls out during scenes, including the "F-150" and the "Atom bomb."

Lisa Ann brushes her teeth, rubs herself with lotion and adds a spray of perfume. It's show time.

Photo courtesy of Ethan Hunt.

Silverback Entertainment and its former distributor Justin Slayer International at press time had mutually parted ways. For distribution inquiries for Legends of the Game and other Silverback releases, email [email protected]