Lisa Ann Launches Clear Talent Management

Lisa Ann, the '90s porn fave, feature dancer and MILF supreme, has started a new phase of her career with the launch of Clear Talent Management.

Lisa Ann said of her new venture, "Being in the industry in the '90s, and coming back now and seeing the changes the business is faced with, I think there's a need for this. I don't think that I'll be competing with other agencies, because what I'm offering will be a lot different. Customer service for the producers, directors and photographers will be much different."

She said her experience in the business gave her insight into helping talent grow and thrive in the adult entertainment business. "I think the girls really want to do more interviews and PR," Lisa Ann told, "but they're not educated on what they can do to extend their shelf life in the industry. I think that me being in the industry for the amount of years I have been and still being able to get feature bookings, still being able to shoot when I choose to, gives them an idea of what I can do. It's an example of a girl who'd stuck with her path and here she still is."

Is she worried about the cutthroat competition that exists in this industry? "Business is about competition," Lisa Ann theorized, "and there's going to be other agencies and other people out there who are going to want to compete, but we're planning to offer something different. The fact that we can put people in contact with others and not be worried about people stealing contacts."

As for choosing the name Clear Talent Management, Lisa Ann explained, "I've been on sets and I've seen that sometimes things aren't always clear. The rates aren't always clear. I want everything to be accurate."

Lisa Ann stressed that her launch is a team effort. "I have a team. Right now we're a team of three. One would be my assistant, and she'll be taking care of the phones. Then we have someone who's handling all the business, and I'll be the face of the company. I've already been networking with talent – and I have a pretty solid group of talent who will be with me – and I've been networking about different kinds of jobs so they won't just be shooting scenes five days a week. The girls are great eye candy and they don't always have to take their clothes off to be eye candy."

To learn more about Clear Talent Management, contact the company at (818) 501-2240 or email Lisa Ann at