Lincoln Frees The Slaves

LOS ANGELES - Some industry insiders spent last Saturday night schmoozing with Billy Corgan at Sasha Grey's birthday party in Las Vegas. The real rot-gut degenerates stayed in L.A. to attend a midnight screening of Armand Weston's The Defiance of Good at the New Beverly Cinema.

Responding to an urgent call from AVN, Hall of Fame director Fred J. Lincoln showed up to introduce the '70s porn classic for an enthusiastic crowd of freaks and geeks. Despite the DMT flashbacks, his recall of Defiance proved excellent.

"This movie was made back when white people had just started to use drugs," Lincoln explained. "Armand and I heard about a teenage girl whose parents had her committed to Bellevue when they caught her getting high - she came out of the place like a fucking zombie and never recovered."

The screening had a similar effect on the New Beverly crowd. Defiance is still as hideously hot as it was four decades ago, when the movie was advertised on giant billboards in L.A. and New York.

"If you came to jerk off, you'd better get your money back," Lincoln said. "This movie has the most horrifying rape scene you'll ever see."

Lincoln stars in Defiance as the "groovy doctor" who rescues nubile Cathy (Jean Jennings) from a wretched, corrupt mental hospital, only to indoctrinate the defiled teen as his BDSM disciple.

"Jean lived with me, and she had been doing this stuff for a while when we made this movie," Lincoln said. "Her big acting challenge was pretending she didn't like it."

Nobody pretended not to like the movie. The audience applauded many scenes, particularly Lincoln's self-scripted monologues; the only thing more entertaining were the stories told in the theater lobby.

"I fucked a bag lady in the 14th Street subway once," Lincoln told AVN. "She peed, she giggled, and I dragged her off to fuck."

Yes, Fred is a man who loves women.

"I freed the slaves," he laughed. "I told women how to come; just don't let us come first."

Thanks for coming, Fred.

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