Lia Goes Hardcore for Vivid

LOS ANGELES—The fun-loving, free spirit from is growing up fast as the newest Vivid Girl. Her playful bike rides left a lot to the imagination online, but soon her fans will get to see her doing hardcore on DVD.

Lia’s next movie to hit the street is called The Rush in which she works with guys for the first time, doing a boy/girl/girl with Jerry and a Hungarian starlet and a boy/girl with Billy Glide.

“It was awesome,” Lia says. “I like guys better personally, I feel a lot more comfortable with guys.”

She tells AVN she didn’t know any of the male talent before trying boy/girl.

“When it comes to the guys when you watch their films they come across as these machines, so strong and kind of intimidating,” Lia says. “But when you get to meet them and actually start working with them I felt like it was me and them against everybody. And they couldn’t be nicer, it was very impressive. They kind of take control. Billy Glide was really nice, more concerned about me, always in my ear.”

Her adult movie debut, Lia’s First Time, came out earlier this year featuring her in only girl/girl scenes. 

“I was nervous, I was going from riding a bike and my skirt flying up to this, and I wanted to get comfortable with it and used to it,” she says. “I was very new, very nervous, and excited. Just being with girls was a bigger step for me. When it came to Lia’s First Time that was the first time interacting with anybody else but I was going in with a good attitude like there is nothing more important than the young lady in front of me and I had fun.”

When the Phoenix native first started shooting for her website four-and-a-half years ago she didn’t envision the type of response she would get.

“I didn’t know anything then that I do now,” Lia recalls. “I thought no one looks at this stuff. No one is going to care to see me ride a bike. Maybe I’ll make a couple extra grand a month.”

Within three months, her site, which is part of the network, had surpassed expectations and was well on its way to becoming a hit. Then the young starlet attended her first adult tradeshow, the Internext convention in Florida.

“And I saw that this is really is an industry,” Lia says. “I loved it and embraced it and I started learning about it.”

It didn’t take long for her to build a vibrant community at Lia19, one that not only was taken by her All-American good looks but also her lifestyle.

“The type of fan that’s attracted to me is not the type a guy to buy a gonzo film or join a gonzo site,” she says. She has parlayed that loyal following into a lucrative business in addition to landing an exclusive contract with Vivid.

“I’m comfortable with Vivid. I feel protected,” she says. “Short-term, I want to have fun and enjoy it and build a name. When it’s done I still want to be in the industry and take it behind the camera as an owner for websites.”

She is already using her business mind, managing a new solo girl that she will unveil soon.

“She’s like a younger Tera Patrick, a girl who can fit into multiple niches,” Lia says. “Her contract is signed to me and my company.”

Lia is a skilled golfer who grew up around the golf course and formerly worked in an administrative position at an exclusive golf club in the Phoenix area.

“I was hitting balls at night with my coach and trying to play tournaments on the weekend,” she recalls. Now she admits she no longer has a lot of free time to work on her game. She took a break from shooting her latest movie, Wet Sweaty Titties, for this interview.

“That’s the working title. It was my idea, the sweat idea. It’s a feature. There is so much cussing in it. I don’t cuss really, I don’t say fuck that much, until my first Vivid movie, every line is like ‘fuck this,’” Lia jokes. “[In the movie] me and my boyfriend live in this house and everything is just wrong with it. I have like a 1980s air conditioner and it breaks in middle of the night so I wake him up to fix it.”

Once the AC goes other home appliances follow, such as the TV, phone and the kitchen faucet, creating various scenarios for her to get railed.

“Right now the plumber (Jerry) is on his way here,” Lia says.

“And we’re doing another one, Lia’s Life, which is like a day in the life of me, POV style.”