LFP Releases <i>Entering Nautica Thorn</i>

BEVERLY HILLS – LFP Video has released Entering Nautica Thorn, the second in a series of DVDs issued through an exclusive distribution deal with Nautica Thorn Productions.

“The whole theme of Entering Nautica Thorn is basically what people can expect from my website…all of its different facets, in DVD form,” Thorn told AVN. “To be honest, the [shooting] experience was really tiring. We had originally intended on shooting it all in one day…I knew, since I was in so many scenes, I would be in for a really long day, and was prepared to take a long break afterwards. The cops came and interrupted the shoot, halfway through. All of our permits checked out, but they kept digging around for some reason to shut us down. The worst part was, they showed up right during the pop shot, so we had to shoot that the next day.”

In addition to Thorn, who performs in four of the five scenes and also directed the title, Entering Nautica Thorn features Kimberly Kane, Kelly Wells and Tyler Faith.

“I did the casting,” continued Thorn, “which was pretty easy, because there were only three other girls. I chose Tyler because she’s a friend and I’ve never had a chance to fuck her. I chose Kimberly because I just think she’s a great performer, and I chose Kelly Wells because she took it up the butt. And she’s really cute.”

The versatile Thorn jumps in front of the camera for a torrid threesome with Nick Manning and Jay Lassiter and then behind the lens to capture Kelly Wells in an anal-heavy tryst with Alec Knight.

Next week, Thorn will begin shooting the company’s third title, Straight Fucking for November release.

“The deal with LFP has been great,” said Thorn. “They’ve done a lot to push our titles. And I’m so proud of the box cover…it looks awesome.”

For more information, go to www.hustlerworld.com.