LFP Goes Down Under with TightCandy Productions

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - LFP Video has closed a deal to distribute Aussie Fuckfest: Canberra, the first in a line of hardcore gonzo DVDs from Melbourne-based TightCandy Productions.

TightCandy owner Maxine Fensom launched the company earlier this year in partnership with California-based producer Sgt. Hawthorne, who runs a bookkeeping service for porn stars called XBooks. With the rallying cry of "OzGonzo!" and the registered trademark "Australian Laid," TightCandy hopes to revitalize the adult film industry Down Under.

"Technically, it's illegal to sell porn in Australia," Fensom told AVN. "As far as I understand it, you can have it in your house, but you can't actually sell it. To film penetration, you have to be in the Australian Capital Territory or the Northern Territory. TightCandy is the first hetero, hardcore gonzo company in the country's history."

Hustler Video's creative director Drew Rosenfeld described TightCandy's product as an Aussie version of "Shane's World." Directed by Oz native Mr. Nasty, Aussie Fuckfest: Canberra features a wild lineup of local talent led by 22-year-old newcomer Jenna Taylia.

Fensom is a legendary personality in Australia's sex industry. She started out as a topless waitress, and has since become a highly influential entrepreneur known as "The Queen of Pussy." Among her many businesses are the escort service Maxine's, the Australian Adult Film Awards (now in its 10th year), an erotic restaurant where diners can feast on live sex shows, and a Melbourne strip club now slated to become the first HUSTLER Club to open in Australia.

"LFP has been very generous to us," Fensom told AVN. "They've given us a big opportunity, and we're confident that this is going to do extremely well. We had the Aussie bravado of going in there and saying we can do this, before we had a DVD to show – and they put enough faith in us to say go and do it, which is just fabulous."

Fensom ran for state government in 2002 as an independent write-in candidate, winning more votes than the Communist party with the campaign slogan "Put 1 in Maxine's Box." Her accomplishments are enough to fill a book - and they have: Fennon Books published Jeannette Leigh's bio 'Maxine Stripped Naked: Tales from the Sex Industry' in 2004.

While the deal with LFP is a one-shot, TightCandy hopes to develop a series for international distribution. The company begins shooting Aussie Fuckfest: Gold Coast Aug. 17, and hopes to recruit Ron Jeremy and other U.S. porn stars as celebrity guests in future productions.

For more information, visit www.aussiefuckfest.com. For all things HUSTLER, visit www.HustlerWorld.com.