LeMayzing Enterprises Debuts With <i>Malibu Moms</i>

AVN Hall of Famer Lynn LeMay is currently wrapping up editing on her directorial debut, an ambitious sex comedy called Malibu Moms. The title will also be the inaugural release from her namesake production firm, LeMayzing Enterprises. 

"I just moved into this great place in Santa Monica, and I look out over Malibu every morning," LeMay explained to AVN.com about Moms' genesis. "And I'd been trying to think of the perfect way to get started, and just joking around, I [said], "Too bad we can't do one about Malibu moms; rich, Ferragamo-carrying, Louis Vuitton-wearing, Jaguar-driving, real uptight bitches. What kind of sex do they have?"

From there, the project was off. Continued LeMay, "I hired a scriptwriter, and I told him my ideas, and he put this together, and Bud Lee came on and said, 'Let me teach you how to direct.' So Bud Lee walked me through the first one. So I couldn't have had a better teacher."

So far, there are four installments of Moms, which LeMay is fashioning as an X-rated "miniseries," in the can, with two more to go. Each volume is based around a different theme, but with a number of recurring characters, all of the stock Malibu-ristocrat breed.  

"We have cheating wives, we have divorcing wives sleeping with their lawyers, we have the trainer at the gym sleeping with one of the moms, the father who cheats with the next-door neighbor," LeMay chortled. "You know, typical Malibu, what I think goes on there."

And for those who like their rich bitches a little younger, there's a spin-off series in the works called Malibu Daughters. "All the daughters get together and have first-time sex with each other," LeMay elaborated. "It was really cute — all the girls on set had a really good time being little, snotty brats talking about sex and how they wanted to have sex. And then they take one of the girls that's a nerd, and they turn her into a stunning beauty and send her off to conquer Malibu."

LeMay said her induction into the AVN Hall of Fame inspired her to "take it for a walk and see what I could do. So I came out of retirement, I did a few scenes so that people knew I was still alive, and then I got a really good investor that basically said, 'You have complete control.' I keep him laughing, he keeps handing me money, and I keep making movies."

These movies aren't little one-camera, skeleton crew affairs, either. "I'm spending an awful lot of money," LeMay confided. "Talent, themselves, aren't cheap, but I'm shooting with dolly tracks, I have three cameramen, I'm shooting with a fourth cameraman for behind the scenes, just so everybody knows what we're going through. I want to make sure I do this right. You don't have a second chance to do your first movie."

She also noted that her productions are aimed directly at couples, asserting, "My movies are very, very female-oriented. We don't have any anal, there's no bondage, no freaky stuff in my movies."

As for distribution, LeMay said she's still looking for the right fit. "I've had a couple of offers, but they're just not good enough," she assessed. "I want this to be a little bit more broadly distributed. I'm really looking for a distribution deal with a [big company]."

That shouldn't be too much of a challenge, given LeMay's proud description of her initial offerings. "I'm shooting '80s style, funny, comedy-driven, good sex porn," she beamed, "and so far, I think we've really hit on something entertaining. We're doing pretty good."

For a glimpse of Malibu Moms, as well as info on all other things Lynn LeMay and a chance to offer your own feedback to the director/performer/exec, go to lemayzing.com.