Leisure Time Releases 1st 4-Packs

VAN NUYS, Calif. - The Leisure Time division of Sunshine Films has announced its first set of 4-pack DVDs.

The first wave of Leisure Time 4-packs includes six unique sets: three featuring 4-hour titles, and three featuring 16-hour DVDs. The release of these sets follows Sunshine Films' success with similar value packs on the Sunshine and Odyssey Group Video labels, including Amateur Extravaganza.

"This makes such perfect sense," said a spokesman for Leisure Time. "Sunshine has tremendous success with its 4- hour packs that it's logical that the Leisure Time brand will do just as well."

The shrink-wrapped packaging is simple, with no outside sleeve, cutting down on waste and allowing the covers to do the talking.

"We wanted the product to say, This is Leisure Time - one of the most recognized brands in the market today," the spokesman said.

Pricing will be in line with individual titles. For additional information or to order, call (800) 736-9681.