LegitCash Releases Second Site, First Gay Site – HardIssues.com

LegitCash has announced the release of HardIssues.com, a new gay site with 100-percent exclusive video and photo content.

HardIssues.com falls into the straight-guys-performing-for-the-gay-audience slot.

“We decided to shoot this site after having a number of long conversations with folks who live the lifestyle. And because we’re a small program, it was of paramount importance for us to have exclusive content that is of the highest quality and addresses a niche that sells. What is really cool is the fact that most of the guys on the site are in fact straight,” says Andre, the principal of LegitCash.

Promotional materials for HardIssues.com are available.

LegitCash is a NATS-based program offering 50/50 revenue sharing with a 65 percent tier and free Web hosting.