Legends of Erotica Inducts Six Adult Superstars

LAS VEGAS – Ron Jeremy got his long overdue induction into the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame last night at Showgirls, where the Walk of Fame is housed. Bill Margold surrounded the beloved "Hedgehog" with five female inductees: Debi Diamond, Kitten Natividad, Midori, Mimi Miyagi and Brittany Andrews.

The annual event always draws a packed house of fans and admirers to the Showgirls cabaret at the far north end of Las Vegas Blvd. The new inductees brought the total number of Legends to 75.

Jeremy seemed genuinely moved by the honor, which didn't prevent him from emitting a continuous stream of jokes and patter. This year he celebrates his 30th year in adult movies. "Most of the guys in the business today," he quipped, "were sperm when I started."

"I'm the only guy left who doesn't take Viagra or Cialis," he continued, which only means that getting an erection just takes a bit longer. "These new guys are hard when their pants come down. Now I'm the slow guy on the set."
He chose to plant his phallus in cement, but only in the form of the prosthetic impression of his dong manufactured by Cal Exotics.

The Hedgehog was inducted by his friend director Craig Valentine, whose partner Summer Haze was honored in absentia by Margold with a Carnal Medal of Honor for her work with P.A.W. and the Free Speech Coalition.

Margold presented Jeremy with a huge #1 plaque, saying, "He always wanted to be #1 and now he is."

Midori was inducted by director Fred Salaff, who brought her into the industry in the early 1990s. "Usually I'm performing or singing or dancing," she said, "but I guess I'll just take my clothes off and jump in the cement." She placed her butt cheeks in the square of wet cement.

Earlier, Natividad planted her legendary breasts in cement, but covered by her industrial size bra. Miyagi, whose resume includes a run for governor of Nevada, and the eternally glamorous Andrews opted for their hands.

Diamond was inducted by AINews.com editor Steve Nelson, who is responsible for locating her years after her retirement. He described how he found her on a MySpace page, confirming her identity with the correct spelling of Kaviar, the name she used as a teenaged Suze Randall model. Margold presented him with a Carnal Medal of honor for his work tracking down retired porn legends.

Diamond, blonde and leggy as ever, with a deep all-over tan, chose to immortalize her chiseled profile. "I told them I'd put my face in there," she said, "but he's worried about my eyes." Nelson covered her head with a plastic bag before the dunk. Andrews commented, "I wanted to be the one to push your face into the cement. That's hot!"

Before introducing "the class of 2008," Margold revealed that Jeremy plans to play Gerard Damiano on stage in a theatrical docudrama about Deep Throat, beginning June 23 in Boston.

Industry guests at the event included former Legend inductees Minka and Cara Lott, along with certain future legends Flower Tucci and Sunny Lane.