Legends of Erotica Holds 7th Annual Show

The Legends of Erotica affair started off sadly, with a tears-packed speech about the recently-deceased Jim Holliday. Selena Steele – who, coincidentally was inducted into the Legends of Erotica by Holliday – gave a tear-jerking remembrance of the man. She and many others wept openly as she told stories about one of the most influential people in porn history (and, naturally, a member of the AVN Hall of Fame.

Selena told AVN.com after the show that the speech was “one of the most difficult she’s ever done.” She seemed a little embarrassed that she had cried during her speech, but one imagined those on hand would have expected nothing less.

The seventh annual Legends show was held Friday, Jan. 7 at Ray Pistol’s Showgirl Video store on Las Vegas Blvd., the night before the AVN Awards, at which AVN President Paul Fishbein dedicated the show to the memory of Holliday and others.

During one of the first speeches, Bridgette Monroe said she had done 100 films for Henri Pachard, who was also on stage, though she admitted that her memory from her early porn days was a little sketchy. “I don’t remember much,” she said, “I was pretty fucked up back then.” (Monroe has been straight for many years now.)

Tears out of the way, next up, the tribute: The induction of six adult business legends – Mai Lin, Johnnie Keyes, Lynn LeMay, Angel Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux and Henri Pachard – into the Legends of Erotica. The stars each imprinted their body parts with inscriptions in blocks of cement to be added to the 48 blocks that adorn the walls of the Showgirl Video.

Margold shared a few words, which were specific and honest and without anything held back, in the way only Margold can do. They were memorable and concise and a great transition from the tearfest to start the ceremony. Some of those on stage to pay tribute included Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn and Porsche Lynn. Selena Steele and Monroe co-hosted the event and, of course, Bill Margold, never let his presence go unnoticed, having spent decades in the business, he frequently had additions (as well as some corrections) to the remembrances.

The microphone was passed down the line and everyone took their turns telling stories. The variety was as vast as the amount of speakers on the stage. A couple pulled it off almost like a stand-comedy act, others were reflective and held back tears and one even came with prepared notes. Many told stories that were so inside that only a couple people on stage had any idea what they were talking about, but never to the point of frustration by the ultra-respectful audience, who seemed to delight in the history.

In Margold’s final sendoff of the night, he thanked the crowd for being so polite and not moving around and yakking during the event. The crowd returned its respects by clapping after nearly every sentence. He also took a shot at AVN, saying that the Legends of Erotica is the only awards show that matters, drawing great cheers from the audience.

After the event was complete, the stars mingled with the crowd, swapping stories, signing autographs. The crowd of 100 or so not only got to see and hear some of their favorite stars, they got to spend some time with them as well.

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