Legendary Stars Remember A Legendary Director

LOS ANGELES - Two of Gerard Damiano's earliest stars have contacted AVN to share their sadness at the death of the legendary director.

"When I heard about his passing, in my head I immediately 'saw' that sweet, devilish grin and Himself happily boarding the big luxury flight to Paradise," wrote Georgina Spelvin, who talks extensively about Damiano in her book, The Devil Made Me Do It. "I am just soooooo glad his kids and Barbara (his ex, and best bud forever) put together that fabulous party for his 80th birthday last August. I'd always harbored a huge soft spot in my heart for him, but seeing him again, and seeing the retrospective of his work that his son put together for that party, made me more aware than ever that I had been fortunate enough to be touched by true greatness. He was my hero."

Another of Damiano's early stars, Annie Sprinkle, had this to say:

"Gerard Damiano Sr. has left his sweet body and passed on to the big porn movie set in heaven. To the public, he's best known for his innovative sex film classics, Deep Throat and The Devil In Miss Jones. To me, he was a valued friend and mentor for thirty-seven years!

"Gerard and I met when I was eighteen, in 1973. It was through him and his work that I was drawn into the wild, wacky, wonderful world of making sex films. I will always be eternally grateful for that enormous blessing. I'm also grateful to him for many yummy memories, his hilarious jokes, the Chinese dinners, the New York City adventures, taking me to see some great strippers, for the work in/on his films, the great conversations, the drinks, the winks, the filmmaking tips, for meeting my parents when they were worried about me, for the love and respect he gave me, and more.

"Thank goodness this past August I went to his 80th birthday surprise party in Fort Meyers, Florida, with my bosom buddy Veronica Vera and porn legend Georgina Spelvin. We were welcomed by his beautiful daughter, darling son, and charming and friendly ex-wife. It was a joyful celebration of his amazing life. Clearly he was deeply loved by many, very close with his fabulous family; he had abundant wonderful new friends and adoring fans. Even at 80 he was happily surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women worshiping and adoring him as usual. His extraordinary sense of humor was as hot and sharp as ever.

"Damiano was a king among kings. A genuine sweet-heart. He will be sorely missed, but his legacy and memory will live on for a long time to cum. He certainly did his part to make the world a more fun, pleasurable and sexy place. Hallelujah.

"Because his birthday party was such a satisfying gathering, there will be no memorial service. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made in his name to The Adult Industry Medical Healthcare foundation (AIM ). A fitting tribute.
With deep love,
Annie Sprinkle"

Pictured (L-R): Veronica Vera, Annie Sprinkle, Gerard Damiano, Georgina Spelvin. Photo courtesy of GeorginasWorld.com