Legend Video Goes 'Hog Wild'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Every once in a while, a movie comes along that challenges even the most jaded porn viewer's sensibilities.

Legend Video's new release Hog Wild Orgy is that movie. Pound for pound, this all-female, all-fat, all-black raunch-o-rama delivers more greasy pork than a monster truckload of Wendy's Baconator sandwiches.

Director Angela D'Angelo has loaded this hefty porno package with all of the gash-smashing, groin-grinding strap-on hijinks that fans of her previous Legend titles have come to expect. D'Angelo is a pro Domme whose field expertise has fueled such bottom-drawer stash classics as Strap-On Pit Crew, the popular Cock Smoking Blowjobs series, and the criminally underrated Black Feet on Booty Street

Hog Wild Orgy delivers everything its title promises and more; only a scratch-and-sniff edition could possibly increase the sensory overload. It's what savvy jizz-biz buyers call "niche product."

Forget "sophisticated couples porn." These days, it's all about three not-so-little words: Hog Wild Orgy.

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