Legend Unveils New Company

Legend Video has announced a new production company, Cutting Edge, which will release its debut title, No Holes Left Unfilled, April 11.

Cutting Edge will feature a rotating door of upstart directors, each bringing their own vision of hardcore sexual depravity. Bobby Manila directed No Holes Left Unfilled.

According to Legend publicist Nelson X, “Cutting Edge features today's most popular and sexually deviant starlets engaging in ungodly acts of perversity that would surely keep them from heaven had they had souls. Production value is top priority.”

All Cutting Edge titles will come in foil boxes with a snazzy over-wrap that X says can be “displayed proudly by retailers across the world over without shame next to Schindler's List and The World According to Garp DVDs.”

"Today's porn fan is very active and discerning," X told AVN.com, "He needs filth that can fit his busy, on-the-go lifestyle. He doesn't have time to waste on Nectar & Jenna Jameson videos. That's for guys trying to convince themselves they're not queer. People that like stroke-value will love Cutting Edge."

"We're very excited about having Cutting Edge onboard Team Legend," Legend owner Jack Richman said. "We're done playing nice. These girls aren’t going to shit right for a week."