Lee Roy Myers Turns 'Godfather' Into Comedy Gold

This article appeared in the July 2012 issue of AVN. Pictured: Tommy Pistol and Michael Vegas in a scene from the movie. See below for links to trailers and photo galleries.

Lee Roy Myers is one of the few directors in the adult industry who understands what it means to make a true parody. And in a business where there are virtually no sacred cows, why not turn The Godfather, a movie that is widely believed to be one of the greatest of all time, into an uproariously funny farce?

Known for his humorous adult movie parodies of TV shows and movies, Myers set his sights on Francis Ford Coppola’s epic gangster film almost from the moment he started to direct in 2008.

A Godfather parody was “one of the first things I started writing,” Myers told AVN. “I wrote around a good 20 scripts and pitches, but I could never figure out how to approach this correctly, so it sat there.”

While some might believe certain songs or movies shouldn’t be sung or produced by others, they are that sacred, the porn industry and its fans believe that anything is fair game. Myers, who reveres Coppola’s trilogy, wanted to make the mafia family funny. After all, even Marlon Brando himself parodied the Vito Corleone character in the movie The Freshman.

“Taking something so sacred like The Godfather, I personally wouldn’t want to watch someone redo or re-create it on a tiny budget and really fail at it because I think to do it justice would be impossible,” Myers confessed. “So I thought let’s go on the exact opposite end. Let’s look at how slapstick a version we can do, and really try to make it as spoofy as possible about the movie, about Coppola, about the times, about mobster movies and about porn.”

And yes, while Godfather: A DreamZone Parody is a parody of the original movie, it also sends up the entire mafia picture genre, Italian stereotypes and the porn industry. There’s lots of humor made with a wink and a nod that porn biz insiders will understand. 

 “I wanted to make this movie that had something for everybody,” Myers said. “If you buy this movie because you like The Godfather, or you just want to watch porn, or if you just want a classic porn parody, there’s something for you to enjoy.”

Myers’ parody invites viewers into the story of the Whorleone family. As the head of the world’s largest adult-film distribution company, “The Dong” Vito Whoreleone has many enemies, and he and his family now find themselves on the brink of a porn war.

The cast is filled with some of the most talented actors in porn. The Dong is played by Peter O’Tool, who’s worked with Myers before, most notably as Walter in The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody. The talented Tommy Pistol plays Michael. Kagney Linn Karter as Kay, Jessie Andrews as Jenny Fontaine, April O’Neil as Slutzo, Michael Vegas as Sonny, and Anthony Rosano as Luca round out the main cast. Bridgette B., Veruca James and Mr. Pete also appear. 

Myers certainly nailed the casting. They all look like they’re having fun and are in on the joke. 

“The characters in this movie are so iconic, I really had to be selective about who I was going to cast,” Myers said. “Take The Dong Vito Whoreleone. I either had to find someone who could do the perfect impression or someone who could do it so over the top that it came off like a sketch comedy version.”

Pistol is a particular standout because his character has the most depth. 

 “Casting Michael was a bit harder [than Dong Vito] because while it didn’t have to be a Pacino impression, it had to capture that early Pacino energy,” Myers said. “Michael undergoes such a transformation from an innocent kid to the head of the family, so whoever played him had to have range. Tommy is amazing. I’ve used him quite a bit and his timing is really good, funny or serious. He, to me, is Michael.”

O’Neil plays Slutzo, the female comic foil, affecting an over-the-top Italian accent. You can sense her having so much fun with it, it’s impossible to not laugh along. Myers said that her role was the toughest to cast.

Myers hopes the fun the cast and crew put into the movie is palpable and people come away with their funny bones rubbed the right way. 

“This really was probably one of the easiest movies I’ve shot,” he said. “Everybody got it from the beginning so it really made it a lot of fun. It’s a nice feeling to walk away from a movie after and have it be as good as we think it was.”

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