Lee Negri Promoted to New Beginnings VP at ‘Surprise’ Luncheon

SYLMAR, Calif. – A visibly surprised Lee Negri was promoted from sales manager to vice-president of New Beginnings today by company president Bryan Berber.

Berber broke the news casually at a staff luncheon in the adult distributor’s huge Sylmar warehouse, and Negri was the only one present who didn’t know it was coming.

As a welcome to his new post, he got more than a pat on his back. Berber rewarded him with “something tangible, something he can hold on to”—the keys to his own gleaming S55 Mercedes.

“We lost a big part of us,” Berber said in a speech to the staff, referring to the death last month of New Beginnings founder Lenny Friedlander, noting that even with the loss the business is stronger than ever.

Negri has been with New Beginnings for 20 years, starting off as a warehouse worker one year after Friedlander started the company in 1986.

“I feel incredible,” the still-stunned Negri told AVN. “It’s an honor to be a part of this organization.”

Luncheon guests included Negri’s wife, parents and several industry friends, including New Sensations president Scott Taylor and Club Jenna sales honcho Howard Levine.

Pictured: Lee Negri, Bryan Berber