LaRue Wraps <i>Wrong Side </i> with Hazzard

Director Chi Chi LaRue has just completed filming Wrong Side of the Tracks, a movie he considers his most ambitious Rascal Video project to date, according to a press release issued today.

Wrong Side, the first two-part film LaRue has directed for his own company, stars Rascal exclusive Johnny Hazzard in his first major role since LaRue's multi-award-winning chart topper, Bolt.

The movie follows Hazzard's character, a punk, who encounters a series of pitfalls as he tries desperately to break away from the wrong side of town. He falls for the man who saves him — who happens already to have a boyfriend, a situation that has repercussions as dramatic as Hazzard's life on the streets.

Of the movie, LaRue stated, "I've taken myself to places that I, as a director, have never explored before." He told GAYVN by telephone, "I can't be more specific. I don't want to give it away. These are dark areas that people don't associate with my movies. I want people to be shocked when they see it."

LaRue heaped praise on his cast and crew, and added, "I think they all felt that they were working on something that is going to be remembered for a long time." The concept and script were developed by LaRue and fellow Channel 1 Releasingdirector, Doug Jeffries. Both said that they feel Wrong Side of the Tracks will make a significant impact on the gay adult industry.

Along with Hazzard, the all-star cast includes Rascal exclusives Luca Di Corso, Theo Blake, Tommy Ritter, Eddie Stone, and new exclusives Luke Strong and Tyler Riggz. LaRue also thanked All Worlds Video President Rick Ford for allowing All Worlds exclusives Chad Savage and Kevin Brown to appear in the film. The other cast members are Trevor Knight, Marcus Iron, Benjamin Bradley, and Pete Ross. Non-sexual roles are taken by Sharon Kane, Ross Cannon, and Bradley Picklesimer.

A "teaser" trailer can be viewed at