LaRue to Join Sechrest Monthly at Micky's

Following the recent appearance by Chi Chi LaRue as Special Guest Deejay at Micky's Cocktails with the Stars,the world's longest running weekly gay porn event has signed the drag diva directrix to return to the venue on a monthly basis, Cocktails' host Jason Sechrest announced yesterday.

Sechrest, of porn megasite, has hosted the event for two-and-a-half of its ten-plus-year existence. Held every Thursday evening from 6:30 to 9:00 at Micky's nightclub in West Hollywood, Cocktails features stars of the gay XXX video world being interviewed live by Sechrest.

According to Sechrest, he and LaRue did a trial run of the show's new format on August 11th with Sechrest at the mike up front chatting-up new Rascal Video exclusives Tyler Riggz and Luke Strong as they autographed photos for fans and gave away free copies of their movies, while LaRue in full drag on the stage, manned her deejay station with a hot go-go boy beside her at all times.

Describing the event, Sechrest, who knows LaRue well enough to call her by her first Chi, said, "I've known Chi Chi for years, but I'd never really done anything like this with her. Our chemistry was really unbelievable and it added this whole new dynamic to the show. It was like Johnny finally had an Ed McMahon. Of course, asking which of us is which is something I wouldn't suggest to anyone who values their life.

"Chi Chi LaRue is a pop culture whore," Sechrest went on, admiringly, "and that's really reflected in the music she spins. She'll hit everything from Top 40 to unreleased Britney and the new Paris Hilton in the same hour. Chi Chi has really got a talent for this."

"Deejaying is fun for me because it's ultimate power," quipped LaRue, "but being given a microphone and being able to spar with my favorite sparring partner, Jason Sechrest, really makes it extra fancy!"

LaRue's next appearance with Sechrest at Cocktails with the Stars will be on Thursday, September 22, for the Los Angeles premiere of Falcon Studios' shot-in-New Zealand two-parter, Cross Country. The evening's guests will include the movie's director, Chris Steele, plus Cross Country stars Roman Heart, Derrick Vinyard, and Benjamin Bradley.

Micky's is located at 8857 Santa Monica Blvd. in the heart of West Hollywood, California.

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