Larry Flynt: 'It's the Hypocrisy I'm After'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Hustler founder Larry Flynt says he has already received over 200 responses to his ad offering $1 million in exchange for information about sexual indiscretions on Capitol Hill.

"This is an election year and we have to be careful to elect someone who is going to tell the truth," Flynt told AVN. "It is time to weed out the liars. My intention in running this ad is not to expose just anyone's sexual life, but if someone takes a public position that is contrary to the way they live their private lives, they are fair game. It is ironic that 80% of the tips that we've gotten involved Republicans. We don't have anybody for sure yet but we have some great leads and we are still going through the messages that we've received but we will probably know next week."

"It's the hypocrisy I'm after," Flynt remarked in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Published Sunday in the Washington Post, Flynt's ad seeks "documented evidence of intimate relations with a Congressperson, Senator or other prominent officeholder" for publication in Hustler. Flynt made the same offer in 1998 during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a tactic that led to the resignation of GOP house speaker Bob Livingston.

"Everybody -- because I'm a civil libertarian -- thinks I'm going after Republicans. That's not true,'' Flynt said. "Sometimes, it takes an ad like that, where you're offering big money, where you can flush out a lot of those political hacks."

However, he noted, "it does so happen that 80 percent of our leads are on Republicans.''

Flynt told the Chronicle he expects "two to four percent" of the leads to yield results. While he did not name any of the political figures involved, Flynt said he's now investigating information about "a couple of [Congressmen] who are gay and they're voting [for] every piece of legislation that would adversely affect gays.''