Larry Flynt Hands Vicky Vette Her Check for Winning Beaver Hunt

Earlier this week Vicky Vette and husband were escorted to the penthouse offices of LFP to meet Larry Flynt, the publisher and founder of Hustler magazine and the LFP adult empire.

Vette was there to receive her check for $5,000 for winning the "Beaver Hunt," Hustler’s annual search for amateur nude models. Vette, now at thirty-eight years old, is the most "mature" woman to ever receive the honor, beating out a slew of mid-twenties vixens.

As she moved up the ranks of the Beaver Hunt, Vette began performing in adult videos while on trips to Los Angeles for Hustler photo shoots.

Flynt reportedly said that he had personally been rooting for her and upon hearing that she was now doing hardcore movies; he summoned his assistant to get her contact information.

"Why aren't you doing movies for us yet? You should be in everything we do," Flynt reportedly said.

Vette shot her "Beaver Hunt" winner's layout last week to be published in the July issue of Hustler magazine, which happens to be the publication's 30th Anniversary Edition.

"It's an honor," says Vette. "I thought it was amazing that I was even up for the award and now to have not only won but shake hands with this man and be included in the magazine's anniversary issue, words really can't describe how flattered I am."