Lanny Barby Discusses Vivid Deal

Lanny Barby, the newest Vivid Girl, told Wednesday that she considered offers from other companies before deciding to sign a contract with Vivid Entertainment Group.

The 23-year-old, French-Canadian performer recently signed a three-year agreement that entails performances in 12 videos per year.

“I have lots of offers with different companies, but I talked with {Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch}, and he tells me he’s going to give me exposure, and I’m not worried because I see what he did with the Vivid Girls,” she said in an interview from her native Montreal.

Barby said that interest in her exclusive services increased quickly after the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January.

“It was really difficult, because I have Wicked, Private, and Digital {Playground} wanting to talk. As more days go by with my decision, more companies call for contract with me. It was really difficult to know who is going to be the best for me,” she said.

Barby, who has family in Montreal and travels there frequently, knew that she definitely wanted to be based in Los Angeles.

“That helped with my decision to not go with Private,” Barby said of the Barcelona-based company. “I think I choose Vivid for the quality of the video and the fact that he give me so many more opportunities for my Website.”

She said her Website would be redesigned in the next three weeks. Barby also noted that her stage name is spelled with "y's" at the end, and not "ie's." But she said that the "ie" ending somehow caught on in video credits and in various stories during her career. She added that she is changing her site to reflect that.

The former mainstream model and student began doing nude magazine layouts at 18. When she was 20, she started performing in adult videos. Barby formerly modeled blue jeans and lingerie, among other things.