'LA Weekly' Profiles Veruca James

LOS ANGELES—In its continuing fascination with the fact that porn stars occasionally have pasts doing other types of work (as opposed to being plucked from the mythical Porn Star Tree up in the canyons overlooking Chatsworth, we suppose), LA Weekly in its hot-off-the-presses issue details up-and-coming starlet Veruca James' transition from CPA to XXX.

The Chicago native dishes in the piece about her utter misery with life as an accountant and perhaps best sums up the underlying preconception about her chosen career switch by saying, "People think that girls in porn were all molested and are drug addicts and it's like a last resort, but there's lots of girls with college degrees and lots of girls with other options. I think it's more about girls owning their right to have a choice to do what they want with their life. There are plenty of guys out there that would have sex for money if somebody would be willing to pay them."

The issue hits streets today. Read the full profile here.

Photo of Veruca James from DreamZone Entertainment's Godfather: A DreamZone Parody.