Kylie Ireland Launches SlutWerkz

AVN Hall of Fame performer Kylie Ireland has launched a new company called SlutWerkz devoted exclusively to porn by women who are or have been talent.

But don't think for a split second that this is going to be a remotely mamby-pamby or homoerotic operation. "The company slogan is 'Hardcore filth for men, by women,'" said head of production Eli Cross, Ireland's mate and the only male currently involved with SlutWerkz.

Added Ireland, "This is a company run by smart women who like their sex hard and nasty. I am not making porn for women. SlutWerkz is all about making dirty, nasty porn, porn for raincoaters, if you will. Although I would like to think that sexually adventurous women and couples would also enjoy the hardcore filth I am producing and directing, SlutWerkz is female directors making gonzo for men."

Aside from Ireland, some of the other women on SlutWerkz' directing slate (either with titles already in the can or soon to be shot) include: Kami Andrews, Ginger Lynn, Julie Night, Sandra Romain, Lauren Phoenix, Renee Pornero, Katja Kassin and Lilith Eden, who Cross hinted is "an extremely well-known retired performer who will be making an anonymous comeback only for SlutWerkz under this nom d'porn."

Opining on the company's unique hook, Ireland reflected that, "Really, with the exception of a few well-known male performers and directors like, say, Rocco [Siffredi], very few people care about what guy directed the movie. But now a chick directing nasty, hardcore gonzo porn? Especially one you've seen fuck on film? That's something to make you stand up and pay attention."

What's more, Ireland suggested that girls may become all the less inhibited with a fellow porn starlet at the helm. "I find that my background as a performer tends to make the female talent more comfortable," she told "Often on my sets the girls will just start doing nasty sex acts — stuff like fisting — just for the fun of it. I let them go; it's a magical moment to capture a girl exploring her sexuality and having orgasms on set just for the fun of it. There is just something not quite as creepy about shooting porn with a female director, especially one who is still performing and is into the really dirty stuff as well."

One myth Ireland wants sternly to dispel is that she and her directrixes-in-arms are just in-name-only fronts for male directors. She attested, "A lot of naysayers may say that the female directors are not actually directing, that it's a guy directing and the performer/director's name is used just as a promotional tool. Let me impress upon you that nothing could be further from the truth. This is the real deal, baby; each of SlutWerkz' directors actually directs her own product and is involved from the conception through production and right down to the box cover design and promotion.

"We were approached early on by a few girls who wanted to 'direct' as a front for their boyfriends or husbands or webmasters or whatever," she continued, "and we turned them down flat."

SlutWerkz will be distributed through DVSX, with the first titles, Ireland's Submitted for Your Approval and Eden's Infinite Regression, due in September. The company plans to release four titles per month, and the director agreements will all be non-exclusive.

Promised Ireland, "At SlutWerkz, my directors shoot what they think is hot; the girls come up with their own scenarios and make their nastiest fantasies come to life. And you wouldn't believe some of the twisted shit these girls are coming up with! It's beautiful."

SlutWerkz can be contacted at 323.981.9729 or by emailing [email protected]

(For more about SlutWerkz and other female-owned production companies, see AVN's cover story in the upcoming May issue. - Ed.)